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At-Home LENS Project Activities

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Learn Empathy, Negotiation, and Sense of Self through these creative projects and art-based activities adapted for at-home use.

These activities are geared towards students of all ages and provide an objective, recommended materials list, and easy-to-follow instructions.


Click on each lesson's link to download the PDF file

AB Scenes – an acting activity utilizing Empathy

If You Really Knew Me – a Sense of Self, brainstorming exerciseLENSimg2

Magic Carpet – an imaginative ensemble building game

RoShamBoGrow – play Rock, Paper, Scissors while Negotiating towards a shared goal

Picture Monologues – a writing and theater activity focusing on Empathy

Family Constellation - work together to create a 3-D representation of your family unit

Seven Sentence Story - an improv game focusing on Negotiation

The Iceberg - a visual art activity focusing on Sense of Self

Family Tree - collaborative art activity focusing on Negotiation and Sense of Self

Survival - assemble a survival guide together; a Negotiation activity

Why You Were Late - an improv game focusing on Negotiation

Me Poem - Sense of Self reflection, poetry and writing activity

Museum of Me - a theater activity focusing on Sense of Self

Superman vs. Kryptonite - a visual art activity focusing on Sense of Self

Family Puzzles - a visual art activity for the whole family focusing on Negotiation and Sense of Self

Making Me - a Sense of Self art activity that illustrates emotions and learning to manage emotions.

Our Family Shield - a collaborative visual art project to explore your Sense of Self and the whole family.

Empathy Monologues - analyze a challenging situation from two different perspectives with this writing excersize focusing on Empathy.

Box Full of Stories - use Negotiation to develop a unique story in this theater and writing activity.

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More activities plus LENS Project videos!


At-Home LENS Project activities are supported by:
The Bamford Foundation, Ben B. Cheney FoundationBoeing CompanyClover Park School DistrictFlorence B. Kilworth FoundationGottfried & Mary Fuchs FoundationKey Bank,     Norcliffe Foundation, Pierce County Community ConnectionsTacoma Public Schools